Travel Tuesday: Band-e Amir, Afghanistan

Band-e-Amir, or literally ‘Commander’s Dam‘ in Persian and Dari, is the first national park of Afghanistan.

This natural beauty has a series of six deep-blue lakes whose mineral-rich nature taints the lake’s color from faint turquoise to deep blue.

Located in the province of Bamiyan, this natural attraction is popular with the locals who can plan a hike, rent a pedalo, or in rare cases spot wild goats, wild sheep, wolves, foxes, and birds in a distance.

In her guide to Afghanistan (1970), Nancy Hatch Dupree, who was an American historian specialized in modern Afghanistan, wrote the following account: Band-e-Amir would “rob the uninitiated of the wonder and amazement it produces on all who gaze upon it“!

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Image: via @masoudsoheili

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