The world is a poorer place when monolingualism prevails

Ludovic Marin/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images via NYTimes

In how many ways can you express your feelings? How many different words do you have for snow, dates (the fruit), the range of shades for the color purple? We believe that the more languages you know, the richer your linguistic repertoire, and ultimately, the richer your experience of life.

“Bilingualism improves memory, attention and mental dexterity… when young people learn that there is more than one word for a color, feeling or thing, they are hard-wired to know that multiple perspectives coexist.”

Whether you’re starting a new language or polishing up your Arabic, Persian, French or Spanish, NaTakallam’s got you covered 😉

Learn a language, widen your vocabulary, broaden your perspective.

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