Summer drink series: Seville orange syrup (sharab al-busfeyr)

Photo credit: Carls Bad Craving

Made with the juice of Seville oranges, Sharab al-Busfeyr (literally meaning ‘the drink of Seville oranges’ in Arabic) is just another way to cool off to a sweet syrup as we bid the summer season farewell.

With only two ingredients, this easy recipe deserves a try!


  • 2 pounds of Seville (or any other) oranges
  • Sugar (equal weight as the juice)

Firstly, juice the oranges and then in the same amount in weight, add sugar to the juice. Stir the sugar frequently during the day until fully dissolved (some patience may be required, it can take days!), and do not add any water to the mixture. Once the sugar is dissolved, transfer the syrup into a clean bottle. It is best kept in the fridge to increase its shelf-life to one year.

To drink, mix 1/4 part syrup to 3/4 parts water — serve with crushed ice if desired!



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