Looking for a meaningful way to engage your team remotely?
Bring Refugee Voices to your (virtual) office or community.

NaTakallam’s interactive guest-speaker sessions offer enriching conversations that equip participants with a more nuanced global awareness and an ability to encounter diverse ‘others’ with empathy.

NaTakallam leverages accessible technology and the gig economy to empower refugees. Each virtual session contributes directly to refugee livelihoods, at a time when they might be cut off from the local labor market, in camps, or in other transit circumstances.

Refugees* are better prepared than most of us for the future of work and the challenges of tomorrow — they are already facing it today. Navigating unexpected crises, continued uncertainty, and existential hardships, they have learned valuable lessons about personal and professional and professional resilience, entrepreneurship, and grit. 

Let our Conversation Partners inspire your team.

Customize your sessions

NaTakallam’s virtual sessions can be tailored according to your team’s interests, as well as corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and staff development objectives. 

What would you like to discuss with a refugee Conversation Partner?

  • Personal stories – why they had to leave home, what it is like to be on the move and start life anew
  • What’s behind the headlines – individual perspectives on local politics, social justice, human rights issues and refugee activism
  • How arts and culture transcend borders – discover the art, music, food, and poetry that travels with refugees wherever they go
  • A gender lens on displacement  – frank reflections with women and mothers
  • Ten words to get to know someone – Practice conversational skills in Arabic, French, Spanish or Persian

Ever wondered what makes a social enterprise?

NaTakallam also offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes conversation on entrepreneurship, social impact innovation, and being a female founder with our CEO and co-founder Aline Sara. Email us at [email protected] to learn more

Discounts available for educational and nonprofit partners. For multiple sessions and bespoke package options, email [email protected].

For your workforce or community:

  • An enriching team & empathy-building experience
  • inspiring lessons of resilience & grit
  • increased global & intercultural awareness

For guest speakers of refugee/host community backgrounds:

  • An opportunity to share their story & learnings
  • Engage with companies worldwide
  • Access to an income


For bespoke package options & pricing, contact us: [email protected]

Our goal is to have at least 100 sessions committed by the end of the year! Commit to your session(s) and schedule them anytime. Help us reach our goal, but more than anything, help displaced persons access an income, a platform to share their story, and a means to contribute to changing the narrative around one of our most challenging humanitarian crises today.

Ben & Jerry's UK is a proud partner of NaTakallam's Refugee Voices Campaign.