NaTakallam’s Gift Guide for Language Learners & Language Lovers!

The season of giving is upon us!

Are you looking for a gift with impact? NaTakallam is an award-winning social enterprise that provides remote work opportunities for refugees and displaced persons in the language sector. Here are a few suggestions for your holiday shopping! 

**Now through the end of December, NaTakallam is running a Buy-One-Give-One special. For every gift you buy, we’ll donate an hour-long English lesson to a refugee, by a refugee. Your gift will make double the impact!

Gift of Conversation– For a language enthusiast

Is a friend or loved one learning a language? Give them the Gift of Conversation? NaTakallam offers online one-on-one lessons in Arabic, Persian, and Spanish with our conversation partners who are displaced persons or refugees. French to launch in Spring 2019. Starting at just $13/hour, packages are available for 1, 5 and 10 hours.

Integrated Arabic Curriculum for Beginners– For the Arabist

So…you’ve heard of it–that Arabic is almost impossible to learn, especially because it’s not just one language, but many as a result of it’s multiple dialects. Guess what? NaTakallam’s Integrated Arabic Curriculum combines both Modern Standard Arabic and the Levantine dialect. 

In this 25-hour one-on-one online language course, meet with a NaTakallam conversation partner to practice the writing and number systems and learn over 200 everyday words.

Tote Bag For a student

Students can carry their books around campus in style with our NaTakallam tote bag. They’ll be sure to get the conversation going. Yalla!

Mug For an early riser

There’s nothing better than pouring a cup of your favorite coffee or tea before sitting down for a session with one of our conversation partners. 

T-Shirt For a conversationalist

Does someone you know love to chat in Arabic? A NaTakallam t-shirt is the perfect daily reminder to start the conversation!

“Word of the Day” Postcards– To say thank you

Looking for a creative way to say thank you for all of your holiday gifts? Send your gratitude on a NaTakallam “Word of the Day” postcard- each pack has 10 unique Arabic words.

Are you feeling inspired? Feel free to combine any of the post options for a full or partial NaTakallam kit! Swing by the NaTakallam shop today…We offer free shipping within the US and UK. 

**Kindly note that orders must be placed by Dec. 20th to ensure delivery by Christmas for items that need shipments. 

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