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Our Educational Programs

All of our programs virtually connect your students with a displaced person from the Middle East, Latin America, or Africa for interactive conversation and authentic global insight – as a single guest speaker session or a series of up to 10. Guided by an easy-to-use curriculum, these real-time virtual lessons can be customized to any grade level, anytime, anywhere.

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We hear about refugees in the news, but how often we hear from them directly? These virtual guest speaker sessions take place in English and explore topics related to culture, society, language, and forced migration. The program can be adapted to enhance your existing social studies, human geography, history, language arts, or other class.


Connect your students with native speakers! These sessions are suitable for learners of any language level, Work with your designated language partner in advance to ensure sessions meeting your learning objectives. Available in Arabic, Spanish, Persian, or French.
authentic lang learning


Many students of Arab heritage lack opportunities to study Arabic in an academic setting. This unique 10-week program focuses on developing students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in colloquial and formal Arabic (MSA) and dialect and can be run as a foreign language independent study or an extracurricular activity

“This great learning opportunity will enhance my students’ understanding of what refugees or displaced people go through and will help them create their own perspective. It will hopefully help them take action and advocate for them.” 
Javier C, Teacher, Chapel Hill, NC

“Tarek was a fantastic speaker and everyone was inspired by his resilience and perseverance. More refugee voices need to be heard in this country.”
Vasilki D, Teacher, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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In partnership with Qatar Foundation International, we are proud to offer scholarship for our Arabic or Middle East-focused programs for schools that need financial assistance.