With almost 79.5 million displaced people around the world, 84% of them live in low- and middle-income countries where they are mostly barred from the local economies of their host countries.

NaTakallam was born with social impact at its core, providing livelihood opportunities to refugees and displaced persons is baked into our mission.

Revenue is currently reinvested into the mission and used to develop or support other refugee-related projects and programs. 

NaTakallam connects refugees and displaced people to income opportunities in the language sector as online language tutors, translators, and cultural exchange instructors.

NaTakallam was initially founded to support Syrian refugees, by founders who have a particular expertise in the Middle East/North Africa region. The original offering was one-on-one language practice over Skype, specifcally for Arabic with Syrian refugees.

However, since 2015, our services have significantly expanded in both offerings and languages. We now offer language learning sessions in Arabic (with Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Egyptian, Yemini displaced persons), French (with refugees form Congo DRC, Burundi, Guinea), Persian (with Iranians and Afghans) and Spanish (with Venezuelans and Central Americans); professional translation services in 9+ languages including Arabic, French, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian (Farsi/Dari), Portuguese, Spanish, Tigrinya, Urdu, with competitive pricing and personalized service and curated language learning and cultural exchange programs in schools, universities, and organizations worldwide.

Impact in Numbers (since 2015)

Since starting in 2015, NaTakallam has paired almost 200 displaced persons and over 9,000 individuals in more than 100+ countries who have engaged in more than 30,000 hours of NaTakallam sessions. Displaced people have self-generated over $900,000 through their work with NaTakallam.

Impact beyond Numbers