EVERY 2 SECONDS, SOMEONE IS FORCED TO FLEE THEIR HOME– that’s less than the time it takes to read this sentence.

Doctor or artist, architect or teacher, most displaced people struggle to earn a living.

At the same time, in an increasingly interconnected world, global understanding has never been more critical to professional success.

NaTakallam offers language, translation and cultural exchange services delivered by individuals who’ve been forced to leave their homes, providing them access to income at times where they might otherwise be cut off from the traditional economy in their temporary homes.

At NaTakallam, language is life saving.

Hire our team today.

Though being welcomed into Noor’s house and life every week, she taught me the nuances of the day to day struggles refugees and displaced individuals encounter around the world. What NaTakallam has taught me, through connecting students to individuals going through the resettlement process, goes beyond what I learned working at UNHCR, Union High School, or any other organization that I have worked at. – Leah, USA