Top 10 Lebanese Street Art – of the Thawra

Credit: @dear.nostalgia

No, this post is not about COVID.

It’s about Lebanon, and if you’re reading it, chances are you’ve heard about the country’s tumultuous past year. A political and economic crisis, much time in the making, sparked countrywide protests beginning in October 2019. In the time since, the economic situation has only deteriorated further (not to mention, of course, COVID… but, as promised, we’re not here to talk about that). 

We’re here to share some of the inspirational work of the talented artists and powerful voices that, in the wake of the turmoil, took to the streets with their passion and creativity. 

Here are some of NaTakallam’s favorites — with a sprinkle of Arabic lessons along the way! 

1. “Oh Lebanon, piece of paradise” / ????? ?? ???? ???

Credit: @dear.nostalgia

@dear.nostalgia’s “Oh Lebanon, piece of paradise.”

2. “To the street!” / ???????!

Credit:’s “To the street!” — ! ???????

3. “The Love Revolution” / ???? ??

Credit: @amani.ashkar

@amani.ashkar: ???? ??, meaning “the love revolution”

4. “Revolution of pots” / ???? ???????

Credit: @antonybmhanna

This pot-banging protest known as “cacerolazo” (Spanish term), is usually associated with Latin America, but it has played an important role in Lebanon as well. 

@antonybmhanna’s: ???? ??????? or “the revolution of pots”.

5. “I don’t want to fear revolution and love” / ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?????

Credit: @rawand.issa_

@rawand.issa_’s Picasso-esque piece about not wanting to fear revolution or love.

6. “Peace and love” / ???? ???

Credit: @yazanhalwani

???? (“salaam”) meaning ‘peace’ in Arabic might be among the first words you learn in Arabic (i.e. in the greeting, As-sal?mu ?alaykum). @yazanhalwani’s statue ‘???? ???’ means peace and love.

7. “Embrace me under the sky of Beirut”  / ?????? ??? ???? ?????

Credit: @miraelfeel

Artwork by @miraelfeel: Embrace me under the sky of Beirut.

8. “Back, back, to rebuild it” / ???? ???? ????? 

Credit: @dear.nostalgia

@dear.nostalgia’s artwork: “back, back, to rebuild it”, or “it will be rebuilt”. The hope for Lebanon to be back on its feet again.

9. “Where are we going?” / ???? ???????

Credit: @tamara_nasr

As the world is uncertain right now, this question has been on the minds of billions of people, not just Lebanese, around the world today: “Where are we going?”

Artwork by @tamara_nasr, with a side of a reality check.

10. All for the nation / ???? ?????

Credit: @nouriflayhan

Whether in the face of an uprising or weathering uncertain times, let the words of @nouriflayhan remind us of unity: All for the nation, or homeland.

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