A year later…

Credit: Nouri Flayhan

On October 17 2019, the Lebanese poured into the streets to demand accountability, justice, and dignity. The October Revolution was born.

A year later, Lebanon is grappling with an economic crisis beyond imagination, amidst the political instability, ongoing refugee crisis (Lebanon hosts the largest number of refugees per capita in the world), the pandemic and aftermath of the August 4th explosion.

To support Lebanese on the ground, NaTakallam launched the Lebanese dialect last March. Get inspired and hear from one of our Lebanese conversation partners, Sally, on what the work means to her, especially during these times.

Looking to support Lebanese? Spread the word about NaTakallam’s language sessions, available for all ages + levels! We offer translation and interpretation services, too.

Or know Lebanese in the country looking for work? Send them our way if they have a solid language and/or translation background!

Yalla! What are you waiting for? Click here to learn the authentic spoken Lebanese dialect online by native Lebanese in Lebanon! Available for beginners and advanced.

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