5 ways to express your love in Persian

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but we have the lesser-known Sepandār-mazgān (سپندارمذگان) – the ancient Persian celebration of earth, women and love – coming up on February 23rd! 

Only recently gaining popularity among Persian communities, Sepandār-mazgān historically takes place on the 5th of ‘Esfand’ (the 12th month in the Persian calendar) and dates back to the 20th century BC! Today, in Modern day Iran, this day is observed a week earlier due to calendar changes with time.

This Sepandār-mazgān, express your affection to loved ones with our top 5 Persian phrases! ❤️

1. Doostet daram “دوستت دارم”

It literally translates to “I like you” but it is the most common and widely recognized way to say “I love you” to a loved one, family or friends in Persian!

2. Asheghetam “عاشقتم”

From the word “eshgh” (love), it literally translates to “I’m in love with you.” It’s a much more intense expression or display of love, for romantic or close platonic relationships alike! 

3. Jigar tala “جیگر طلا

This Persian expression takes the cake for unique ways to address your lover, literally meaning “golden liver”. An English equivalent might look something like “A heart of gold.” 

4. Fadat besham “فدات بشم”

The ultimate expression of affection, this phrase means “I am willing to sacrifice myself for you.” Use this expression the next time someone says something super adorable that makes you melt. Said in fun, this phrase is not to be taken seriously!

5. Eshghe mani “عشق منی” 

Translating to “you are my love”; this phrase can be used in response to an adorable comment by a loved one. Derived from the word eshghعشق” (love), you can flip around the expression and add the possessive pronoun “my”, or suffix “-am” in Persian: “eshgh” + “am” = eshgham (my love).

Other common terms of endearment include: azizam (my dear), asalam (my honey), khoshgelam (my beautiful), nafasam (my breath), jigaram (my liver).

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