5 ways to express “thank you” in Spanish

“Bienvenido/a”! Our blog post last week highlighted 5 ways to say “thank you” in Arabic.

This time: It’s all about Español!

1. Gracias (grah-see-ahs)

The most common way to say “thank you” in Spanish can be used anywhere and anytime: from receiving your “café con leche” at the cafe or thanking someone for holding the door open! You can also add “muchas” in front of the word to give “many” thanks to someone throughout all Spanish speaking countries. 

A simple response to this would be “de nada” meaning, you’re welcome, or quite literally “from nothing”

2. (Estoy) Muy agradecido/a (ehs-toy muy agra-de-cido/a)

This is a lovely way to say “(I’m) very grateful for you” a politer version of “thank you so much”. The adjective “agradecido” is translated as “grateful”, and preceding it with “Estoy muy…”  will earn you bonus points! Remember to modify masculine “agradecido” to “agradecida” if you’re speaking to a female!

3. Eres un sol (eres un sol)

This is slang-Spanish so make sure to read the room first! “Eres un sol” literally means “you are a sunshine” and by calling this person “the sun” or “sunshine” you’re thanking them for something! For example, if you give your Spanish-speaking friend a gift, you may receive a flattering “eres un sol”, similar to the English term of endearment “You’re a doll!”

4. Eres recapo/a (eres reh-capo/a)

Anyone looking to head to Argentina once lockdowns ease up? This is a term used by Argentines to mean “You’re the best!” when you want to go beyond just “gracias”. 

Did you know, the “acento argentino” or Argentine accent of Spanish is influenced by Italian, due to large waves of Italian immigration to Argentina in the 19th & 20th centuries? You may even hear Argentinians use the word “chao”, to mean “bye” derived from the Italian “ciao”!

5. Te la/lo debo (te la/lo de-bo)

Spanish for “I owe you” Instead of responding with a simple “gracias” if your friend buys you tickets to see “partido de fútbol” or “a football match”, you can say “te la/lo debo”, to let them know you got them next time! 

Now, want to put your motivation into action?

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